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Apple Pay is the new kid on the block. Here you’ll find those bingo sites that accept Apple Pay. Apple Pay Bingo Sites are extremely safe and secure thanks to the extra layer of Apple security. So now you can use your iPhone, iPad or Mac to play bingo. Here we only feature those bingo sites offering Apple Pay.

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Apple Pay Bingo Recommended Sites March 2024

Understanding Apple Pay Bingo Sites

It's not just paying for goods and services that Apple Pay works. Now numerous bingo sites are accepting the payment method. Linked directly to your bank account and without the need to enter any bank account details it is an extremely safe way to deposit. Making deposits at a bingo site simply involves using your fingerprint to confirm the amount you wish to deposit into your account.

Available in some countries since October 2014, and the UK since July 2015, Apple Pay is a leading method of making payment via an Apple smartphone or tablet. It allows iPhone and iPad users to use their devices to make payments for goods and services using NFC technology. All the latest models of iPhone and iPad have NFC chips built in and it’s through this chip the devices can be used in a similar way to contactless credit cards.

One-tap purchases can be made via iPhone in shops and online in a secure and fully protected way. NFC or near-field communications technology allows contactless payments to be possible without a credit or debit card and the process for making payment is the same as with a card, simply moving the iPhone over the contactless reader and the payment can be made. Anyone with an iPhone 6 or above or an Apple Watch linked to an iPhone 5 can utilise Apple Pay.

How does Apple Pay in the UK work?

Apple Pay became available in the UK in July 2015. It is available for use in many high street stores and supermarkets and has been adopted by some transport companies including the London Underground making it easy to top up Oyster cards and remove the need for the traditional wallet, cash or cards for many users. At launch there were over 250,000 locations in the UK signed up to accept Apple Pay and this figure has increased dramatically in the following years. Many of the UK’s leading banks support Apple Pay as do the leading debit card providers.

Despite being available since 2015, it was only in the latter stages of 2018 that Apple Pay bingo sites became a reality. At the time of going to print, it is only the mighty Dragonfish network that accept this form of payment method. As time goes by it is sure to be adopted by more and more bingo sites. Some see it as the main rival to the supremely powerful PayPal. The chosen payment method of choice for all e-wallet options at present.

Is Apple Pay Safe and Secure?

It is understandable consumers may have some concerns over the security of Apple Pay but the company has put in place many levels of security to protect customer’s financial data. This begins with the two-part hardware-based security in place in the latest Apple devices. This two-level security protection helps limit the risk of data breaches. It begins with the fingerprint touch ID required for every transaction made. Touch ID has become a recognisable part of all smartphone security protection and it is required for the use of Apple Pay in all transactions, including those at online bingo sites.

The second element of the security protection is much more sophisticated and ensures users can be confident using Apple Pay. Known as the secure element, it is an in-built chip in new Apple iPhones (6 onwards) and it is where the user’s financial information is stored. The information is only ever accessed when a randomised 16-digit number is generated during any transaction and this number is never the same twice. The data stored on the secure element of the iPhone does not ever pass through the phone’s software, it is entirely separate. This means that even if the iPhone was hacked and the operating system was compromised, there would be no access to the financial element. This is also the case should an iPhone be stolen and dismantled in a hardware attack. It is this security that probably makes it the safest and securest way of depositing at a bingo site.

Is NFC Safe?

Another question for many consumers is the safety and security of near-field communications technology. NFC is simply the process of sending data over radio waves and is in some ways similar to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth but with one crucial difference. NFC can be used to induce electric currents within passive elements, as well as just transferring data and it works much more quickly than Bluetooth. NFC operates within a radius of just 4cm and provides a quick wireless connection between two devices and securely makes the data transfer or in the case of Apple Pay, the financial transaction.

When Apple Pay uses NFC the use of the secure element ensures your account information is fully protected, ensuring it is a safe process for transaction. This has officially become known as tokenisation and allows encrypted data to be sent so no one attempting to interrupt or break the connection between the iPhone and the contactless reader would be able to access the full card and account information. This makes NFC transactions significantly more secure than regular payment methods as unlike with a debit card none of your secure financial information is on display.

How Do I Using Apple Pay Bingo Sites?

Using Apple Pay bingo sites is extremely straightforward for iPhone users. All phones have the preinstalled Wallet app and from here users can add their payment cards for use on the device. The iPhone camera can be used to capture the information from the cards or it can be typed in manually. Currently Apple allows users to hold up to eight cards in their wallet.

Making a deposit at bingo site using Apple Pay is very straightforward. Simply head on over to the cashier where you will see an option to use Apple Pay. Next you decide how much you wish to deposit. Once the amount has been decided upon you’ll be asked to confirm the payment by using your phones touch ID. This will then authorise the payment and the funds will be added to your bingo account. It is worth pointing out that at this stage only deposits can be made via Apple Pay and not withdrawals. So should you wish to make a withdrawal at a later stage you’ll have to chose a different method other than Apple Pay to receive the funds.

The rise of the eWallet began to change how consumers approached paying for goods and services online and Apple Pay is the next generation of this. It is changing the way people think about making payments and in many ways making it more secure and more straightforward to pay for goods and services. It is possible to use Apple Pay on older devices as mentioned, through syncing with the Apple Watch and all newer Apple iPhones come ready equipped with the NFC chip and the secure element for instant Apple Pay access.